A small hungarian, familiar briard kennel. Founded 2011 Budapest :)

2016. november 01. 22:32 - du Tchibo d Ebéne briards

One Crazy, Happy Anoux during our walk

Her few minutes craziness :)))))

Well recently when we are going for a walk in the forest or at the Donau river, or at the field. Anoux usually havehad some very crazy moments :))) it is so nice to see her total craziness, the fact how she can enjoy herself, enjoy the moment, enjoy her freedom, just spring, run, and really pleased that she can run free.  This day was ideal sunny autumn day to for making some nice photos about it :)) sometimes I just stand and laugh of her, and sometimes she is too fast so I am not able to catch it :D but this time it is managed.. <3

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2016. október 30. 11:46 - du Tchibo d Ebéne briards

Herding weekend - Patkó tanya

It is always nice to see how the briards likes to do their herding job with so good instinkt.
Anoux was so happy that she was in the middle of the "countryside", and certainly Sheni too. They chased the little kittens, the ducks, also the chickens together, as best friends :D, and enjoyed so much the training with the sheeps!!!!  just like me to watching them...

The two best friends - just want to go  herding

Chasing the cats


Sheni with the sheeps with super instinkt :)))

and Anoux with her fav. ball played  everywhere :D


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2016. október 23. 00:32 - du Tchibo d Ebéne briards

A beautifully coloured rainy autumn forest with 3 hairies

A rainy day in Mátra

I took a day holiday on Friday, before our Herding weekend, and thought using the nice autumn, the coloured forest and let's go into the highest mountain of Hungary to Mátra <3. Turning up the idea all seems good, I knew that they told a rainy weather for this day, but I hooped it will stop when the time'll going forward. or in the mountains the clouds will run away so I didn't changed my mind and started. Not as early as planned, and was impressed already through the way how beautifully looks the coloured forest, and I was driving a way like in the high mountains in Slovakia & Austria :). I arrived, but the rain started falling stronger, and stronger, without seeing any chance to stop.  but I am here at such a beautiful place  - Parádfürdő, so started four our tour into the forest...

We did an all-day rainy excursion, but the dogs didn't care about it at all being totally vet, and I said well I am not from sugar either.



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2016. október 15. 19:57 - du Tchibo d Ebéne briards

Season closing show at French Sheperd Dog Club Speciality

with five du Tchibo d'Ebéne :)

We had a super season closing show this weekend.
Was quite unusual at a Hungarian Speciality Show that 5 du Tchibo d'Ebéne dogs could started :) made me extremly busy during the show, as I handled all of them through the individually judgements. I have never been so busy in the showring :)))  but it was worth, as the team got such a fabolous results.
he Team got such fab results
Ebonique „Bijou” was still in youth class got exc1, Youth Speciality Winner & Best Youth & JUNIOR Best in Show  with this she is finished the ClubYouthchampion :))
Darchelle de Chilli "Darchi" got exc1, CAC in intermediate class
Diamond Noire de Chilli „ Sheni” starting 1st time in adult cl got exc1, CAC, Speciality Winner 2016, BOB, BIS III :))))
Byron as the only boy in the team became exc1, CAC, Speciality winner Best Male , BOS from champ class
little Anoux was again in honour class just for fun for her this time she was really with happy tail in the ring :D finished with exc1, & Honour.Res.BIS
and as last but not least with these 5 dogs I could present a Breeding Group with 1st place
thank you all for your help, and coming!! I am so happy with them

in the morning part  the Regionale de Elevage took part, where, all youngsters started  Bijou, Darchi, & Sheni passed the Breeding test, with excellent (morphology, character test) :))))

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A small hungarian, familiar briard kennel. Founded 2011 Budapest :)