2016. nov 01.

One Crazy, Happy Anoux during our walk

írta: du Tchibo d Ebéne briards
One Crazy, Happy Anoux during our walk

Her few minutes craziness :)))))

Well recently when we are going for a walk in the forest or at the Donau river, or at the field. Anoux usually havehad some very crazy moments :))) it is so nice to see her total craziness, the fact how she can enjoy herself, enjoy the moment, enjoy her freedom, just spring, run, and really pleased that she can run free.  This day was ideal sunny autumn day to for making some nice photos about it :)) sometimes I just stand and laugh of her, and sometimes she is too fast so I am not able to catch it :D but this time it is managed.. <3

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Anoux du Tchibo dEbéne briard crazy briard happy enjoying life