2016. okt 23.

A beautifully coloured rainy autumn forest with 3 hairies

írta: du Tchibo d Ebéne briards
A beautifully coloured rainy autumn forest with 3 hairies

A rainy day in Mátra

I took a day holiday on Friday, before our Herding weekend, and thought using the nice autumn, the coloured forest and let's go into the highest mountain of Hungary to Mátra <3. Turning up the idea all seems good, I knew that they told a rainy weather for this day, but I hooped it will stop when the time'll going forward. or in the mountains the clouds will run away so I didn't changed my mind and started. Not as early as planned, and was impressed already through the way how beautifully looks the coloured forest, and I was driving a way like in the high mountains in Slovakia & Austria :). I arrived, but the rain started falling stronger, and stronger, without seeing any chance to stop.  but I am here at such a beautiful place  - Parádfürdő, so started four our tour into the forest...

We did an all-day rainy excursion, but the dogs didn't care about it at all being totally vet, and I said well I am not from sugar either.



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